How To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Course for Decreasing Conflict and Improving Communication

For many decades people have been looking for the perfect book to help solve their couple conflict or they seek regular help from a couple’s therapist in a consulting room, to stop their fights and to improve their ability to communicate as a couple.

The problem here is that books can be too general to apply to our own situation, and many people won’t attend couples therapy, even if their relationship can feel rocky and even at times, distressing. Often one partner refuses to go as they believe therapy will be too exposing or it may be financially difficult to afford regular sessions.

What I do know is that, when couples fight regularly, or have what are called ‘cycles of conflict’, it is rare for the problems to go away without working through them. The couple communication can feel destructive at times. When this is occurring, we cannot permanently solve our struggles as we simply do not know how to, in turn resulting in it worsening over time. The reason being that we are missing the vital information, techniques, skills to process information, as well as the capacity to reflect on our own life and relationship. To help solve this, I have crafted and designed a course to provide you with all of this, and you can do it all online at your convenience.

The top 10 benefits of doing this course:

You develop a greater understanding of why creating a ‘special’ relationship together was important and how this was linked to creating safety.

You develop a greater understanding of why you originally chose your partner and how this was linked to creating safety in the future for yourself, and any children you may have wanted at that time.

You develop a deeper understanding of how your past and present are affected by childhood experiences.

You develop a deeper understanding of why you respond or react to life, and especially your partner the way you do.

You learn about the ego, how it is developed and how it plays out in your own life.

You identify the role of both your ego and your partner’s ego is causing distressing and overwhelming conflict in your relationship.

You learn strategies for how to calm down once your nervous system has been triggered.

You develop essential skills for respectfully communicating with your partner, as these decrease conflict and promote understanding and intimacy.

You create sufficient space and safety for the two of you to bring your differences into the relationship and navigate these skilfully.

You understand why listening, being curious and learning to apologise is critical to the wellbeing of your relationship, and how these re-build trust.

Online courses are an increasingly popular and convenient way to learn. They allow you to learn on your terms when it suits you. They are portable. This means you can easily take it with you if you have a break from work, the children, or are on a holiday. Online courses have been designed to work for you.

So how do you get the most out of your course? Top tips include;

This course reflects many years of specialist therapy training, skills development, clinical work, supervising, tutoring, and lecturing. I have helped so many people reduce conflict and create healthier and happier relationships. If you want to this too, then join me, like all the others have, in creating the life and relationship you really want.

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