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Introducing Lissy Abrahams

Leading individual and couple psychotherapist

Has dedicated her career to helping hundreds of clients navigate life's obstacles so they can thrive

Lissy was initiated into the complexity and awkwardness of human minds when she was 15 years old when her Mum became a family lawyer. She was intrigued hearing about court cases, hearing about people’s strengths and vulnerabilities, and the nightmare for children caught in the parental crossfire. This paved the way for her to study psychology.

Later, Lissy headed to London and was blessed to have been selected as one of four candidates invited into the Master of psychoanalytic psychotherapy for couples at the world-renowned Tavistock Relationships. Following this 4-year training, she had the good fortune to be employed by Tavistock Relationships to work as a tutor, lecturer, and couples therapist.

Lissy returned to Sydney, and founded the Sydney-based therapy clinic, Heath Group Practice. Here she manages and works therapeutically with clients around the world. She has published academic work, was vice-president of the Couple, Child and Family Psychotherapy Association of Australasia, and held various positions on the Tavistock Relationships Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors. Lissy is also part of Mamamia’s health expert panel.

Lissy believes we all have the capacity to improve our lives and relationships with the right knowledge and practical strategies. Yet not everyone can access Lissy one-on-one, so she ensures help is available through her interviews on podcasts, TV appearances, and via her blogs and resources. Her successful online course – ‘Fight Less, Love More’ – helps partners stop fighting and communicate respectfully. And her book – Relationship Reset – invites everyone into the complex and awkward world of couples and how to make relationships more respectful and loving.

Relationship Reset
Professional Memberships

Vocational Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution (Australian Institute for Relationship Studies)

Master in Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Tavistock Relationships, London, UK)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Attachment, Psychoanalysis and Couple Relationships (Tavistock Relationships, London, UK)

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) (Hons) (University of NSW)

Diploma of Teaching (University Of Technology, Sydney)

Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (Clinical, PACFA)

Couple, Child and Family Psychotherapy Association of Australasia (CCAFPAA)

Tavistock Relationships Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (TRAPC)



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