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Half of Aussie couples don’t talk about money

14 November 2022

One in two Aussie couples don’t sit down and regularly talk about money, while one in three say money is a source of conflict in their relationship, new research has revealed.

Half of us are feeling stressed about money, according to the NAB research, with young Aussies feeling the most pressure.

Full-time students (65 per cent) and young women aged 18-29 (62 per cent) were the most stressed about money, the survey of more than 2,000 Aussies found.

One in four Australians who were in a relationship during the pandemic say it was negatively impacted, with the equivalent of 980,000 Aussies saying they are seriously considering, or have already left their relationship during lockdown.

So, knowing that stress levels are high, how can you get through Christmas with your relationship intact? We’ve collected expert tips to help you out.

One in two young men (54 per cent) said money was a source of stress in their relationship, while about two in five young men (45 per cent) said their partner managed all of their finances for them.

Australian therapist Lissy Abrahams said it was important for couples to sit down and talk about money and understand where each other’s money habits came from.

“While money is one of the hardest topics to talk about, particularly when in a relationship, it is one of the most important,” Abrahams said.

“The more we understand where our money beliefs and behaviours have come from, and our partner’s, the better our relationship with money and each other will be.”

The research also found around 30 per cent of couples had one person who solely looked after finances with no input from their partner. Additionally, 36 per cent said they had “very different financial goals” to their partner.

NAB and Abrahams have encouraged Aussies to have ‘Money Mondays’ where they sit down for at least 45 minutes each month to look at their finances.

“We often don’t think twice about spending 45 minutes watching TV or scrolling on social media. Finding that time, be it on a weekend or after work, and putting it in your diary is key.”

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