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Fight Less, Love More – Online Program

Home is not a haven when you are stuck in repeated cycles of conflict with a loved one. Fights or problematic encounters can appear to be over superficial matters, but this is never the real source of tension. Something deeper is happening and couples have no idea.

Couples will continue to be trapped in the same cycles of conflict. These cycles lead to greater distance between partners, increased fear, distress, and anxiety. This can even lead to separation or divorce.

Some couples try to resolve the conflict themselves but without an understanding of what’s really going on beneath the surface, they are unable to create lasting change. Many couples avoid getting professional help, citing reasons like time restraints, not having enough money, being too tired, child rearing responsibilities, or prioritising other matters.

Without a commitment to get proper help the conflict becomes more entrenched and will impact their overall quality of life. They become exhausted by the conflict and see no way out.

Relationship expert Lissy Abrahams has developed the online program Fight Less, Love More to reveal why couples really fight and get trapped in soul destroying cycles of conflict.

This online program is designed to help couples understand the core drivers of their relationship difficulties and create healthier methods of communication. This program will promote respect, improve connection and intimacy, increase joy, reduce fights, and rebuild trust. You can end the cycles of conflict and blame today.

Program Overview

Fight Less, Love More is an online program with 8 modules designed to be completed at your own pace. Using video content, relationship expert Lissy Abrahams uncovers the reasons why couples really fight and equips you with the skills needed to create a more loving and happier relationship. The program is accompanied by a comprehensive guide packed with activities to personalise your learning experience.

In this program, you will:

  • Explore childhood relational wiring
  • Understand triggers with your partner that set you off
  • Understand internal processes that cause conflict and poor communication
  • Understand the role of the ego in causing conflict and how it links to safety
  • Develop skills to calm down during conflict and then prevent it
  • Develop essential skills for respectful communication
  • Develop tools and strategies for creating a happy and more connected relationship

Program Benefits

By committing fully to this program, you can rebuild safety, trust, and intimacy with your partner, and most importantly increase the joy and happiness in your life. Fight Less, Love More can change the direction of your relationship, even preventing separation or divorce. If you have children, they will also reap the rewards and it will improve their quality of life and capacity to learn and socialise.


“We were overwhelmed with stress from work, kids, and sick parents. We weren’t communicating properly at all and often felt flat together. Fight Less, Love More gave us the tools to communicate and I can honestly say our relationship has never been better.”

“My husband and I learnt how to communicate in a respectful and non-hostile manner. We have much more empathy and care for each other again.”

“Our relationship now has a more robust foundation in which there is now lots of warmth and very little conflict. We highly recommend this program to anyone in a relationship. Your future self will thank you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How many hours a week should I dedicate to this program?

Our program is designed to accommodate busy schedules, allowing you to learn at your own pace and progress through the modules when it's most convenient for you. We recommend that you dedicate 2 hours per week to this program. At this rate you will complete the program in 4 weeks. However, it is up to you how quickly you progress through this experience. We have seen people complete the entire program within 1 week!

  1.  Is the program worth the price?

Absolutely! Investing in your relationship is an investment in your happiness and well-being. For the cost of just a handful of therapy sessions, this program gives you the same skills and growth opportunities as 15-20 traditional sessions. Fight Less, Love More is packed with expert wisdom and relational gems that you won’t get anywhere else.

  1.  Is this course right for me?

This course is for anyone who wants to understand how they relate in relationships. It is also an important program for anyone who senses any negative shift in how they view their partner, themselves, or their relationship.

  1.  Can I do this program if I’ve never been to therapy?

100%! This program is for anyone whether you’ve been to therapy before, are currently in therapy, or have never gone before. Fight Less, Love More has been designed as a stand-alone program and all concepts are explained in full.

  1.  Shall I complete the program with my partner, or should we complete it individually?

You can work through this program either individually or with your partner. When partners do this program together, they go on a journey of discovery that is life-changing and increases intimacy. Simply print an additional guide! If your partner is not on board don’t worry! When one partner alone makes positive changes, the relationship feels lighter and more connected. You will enjoy the experience.

  1.  I’m currently not in a relationship. Can I still do the program?

You bet! This program has been designed to be an individual journey into how you personally relate. You will improve many different relationship dynamics in your life, from bosses to best friends, children, extended family, and anyone in between.

  1.  Are online programs as effective as face-to-face therapy for improving couple relationships?

Absolutely! In fact, for many it’s even more effective. Fight Less, Love More has proven results as it has been written by an expert with decades of experience in the field. It can be enjoyed from the comfort and privacy of your own home, and you can complete it at your own pace, making it more convenient.

  1. How do I gain access to this program?

Upon purchase you will be emailed with access details. You will be directed to the online program where you can simply create your login details and access this at any time.

  1.  How long do I have access to the program for?

Upon purchase of Fight Less, Love More you will receive unlimited access to the program so you can revisit it at any time.