Separation & Divorce: How to Take Control of Your Life

Designed to help people not only manage but take control of their separation and divorce. Separation is known to be one of life’s major stressors and causes people great anxiety. This is made more stressful as many people are guided down unnecessary, acrimonious, and expensive pathways. The most successful separations are those in which both partners commit to ensuring the best possible outcome for all. This course provides a guide to help you achieve this.

This includes:

  • Understanding parenting arrangements and keeping the children’s best interests centre stage.
  • Working through financial arrangements and knowing when to seek advice from a lawyer.
  • Navigating the family law system and understanding how the options chosen to resolve issues will impact the wellbeing of both partners and any children.

    What You Will Learn

    This course will teach you how to create a collaborative and productive approach to your separation. You will develop skills to ensure that your children’s needs and interests are prioritised. This includes what and how to tell the children, working through financial arrangements, navigating the family law system and understanding ramifications for the different processes you can go down. Most importantly, the course addresses how vital it is to take care of yourself throughout this difficult time and how to do this.

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