Fight Less, Love More – Learn to Skilfully Communicate with your Partner & Decrease Conflict

This course has been designed to ensure that your relationship can not only survive but thrive. It will help you gain new insights into yourself and how you relate to your partner, focusing on thoughts and behaviours which can present challenges. Learning to communicate with your partner caringly, respectfully, and skilfully is essential for a happy relationship.



Would you like to…

  • Increase respect in your relationship without having to fight for it?
  • Feel deeper levels of love and connectedness without having to be in the ‘honeymoon’ phase?
  • Experience increased sexual connectedness without rejection?
  • Increase happiness and have a peaceful home without being triggered by your partner?

Committed relationships are difficult. For many of us, our communication difficulties can lead to upsetting conflict. Over time, this hurts the relationship as partners often lose trust in each other and decrease their desire for emotional closeness and sexual connection. Prolonged, unresolved conflict and repeated cycles of blame can even result in the relationship ending.

This course has been created to ensure that your relationship can not only survive but thrive. It will help you to understand your own relationship and develop the skills needed to improve communication so that you and your partner become happier and more connected.

You will understand why couples really fight by leading expert Lissy Abrahams. You will be guided through strategies for ending the conflict using video content alongside a comprehensive workbook.

You can work through this course either individually or with your partner. When one partner alone makes positive changes, the relationship feels lighter and more connected. When partners do this course together, they go on a journey of discovery that is life-changing and increases intimacy. All you need is to print an additional workbook if doing it together!

This is achieved by working through modules, which involve:

  1. Exploring how our capacity to relate to others (our relational wiring) is shaped by our early childhood experiences.
  2. Understanding our own relational wiring and why we become reactive to certain triggers with our partner.
  3. Understanding how our relational wiring can lead to conflict and hurtful communication between partners.
  4. Understanding how our ego impacts conflict in couple relationships, and how this is linked to feeling safe or unsafe in our relationship.
  5. Developing the necessary skills to calm down during conflict or preventing it.
  6. Developing Couple Mindedness, an essential component for decreasing conflict and improving communication with our partner.
  7. Developing the skills for respectful communication and improve listening, curiosity, respect, and empathy.

2 reviews for Fight Less, Love More

  1. Mitch

    I found this course to be incredibly insightful. It made me really look at how I was turning up in my relationship and in the part I played in having it get to where it was. I really valued this course and am so much happier.

  2. Annette

    Wow, just wow! Thank you Lissy for sharing this knowledge. I feel so much more in control of how I behave and react when I’m triggered. This has been a game changed for my relationship.

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