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Best self

What Would My Best Self Do?

We all know that New Year’s resolutions come and go as if they were written in the wind. It’s not that we don’t take them seriously when we create them. It’s just that changing our habits can be hard, despite our best intentions to follow through. […]

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Pandemic stress

How To Survive The Festive Season With Your Relationship Intact

Source: Yahoo! Lifestyle It’s no secret that Christmas can stretch credit cards, waistlines and relationships. And, a recent study by HCF Australia found that Aussies are feeling more stressed about this Christmas and feeling the effects of pandemic stress in their relationships. One in four Australians who were in a relationship during the pandemic say it was negatively […]

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lockdown impacts on relationships

The Distressing Impact of Lockdown on Couple Relationships

As a therapist, I am seeing first-hand the distressing impact of lockdown on couple relationships. Many were greatly impacted by the first 2-week stint, however, the recent extension of restrictions and the increasing infection cases has created greater anxiety and even depression. This is all made worse as there is no certainty to an end. […]

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fortress australia

How Our Closed Border Policies Impact Our Mental Health & Our Couple Relationships

When the coronavirus pandemic began and quickly spread across regions of the world, our country’s leaders determined it best to firmly close our Australian borders to prevent the escalation of the virus and to keep us safe. This firm border policy has earned us the nickname “Fortress Australia”. […]

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