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5 questions everyone should be able to answer about their partner, according to an expert.

5 Questions Everyone Should Be Able to Answer About Their Partner, According to An Expert

Source: MamaMia When it comes to relationships, what are your deal-breakers? It might be feeling certain where you want to live, hobbies you want to pursue, career goals you need to support meeting, or the kind of family you want to have. Now, what about your partner? What are their non-negotiables? […]

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help deepen your relationship

12 rules that will help deepen your relationship

Source: MamaMia   Beyond the cute Instagram posts and meme tagging, relationships can be fickle AF. Because even if you’re head over heels for someone, there’s still going to be those s**tty moments of uncertainty, frustration, and confusion. But working on having a deeper relationship with your partner and ensuring you have a strong connection […]

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highly sensitive person

13 signs you’re a ‘highly sensitive person’, and what that means for your relationships.

  Source: MamaMia Whether you’ve watched The White Lotus or not (where have you been?!), you’re probably familiar with the term ‘highly sensitive person’. Yeah? It’s the diagnosis that’s popping up everywhere right now – and it’s got tons of people suddenly identifying themselves as HSPs. But while it might seem like a new Gen Z kinda thing, HSP is actually […]

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Your Relationship

10 Signs You and Your Partner are ‘Fake Happy’ in Your Relationship

Source: MamaMia Your relationship. Are you… happy in it? Don’t give us that look, we’re only asking! Cause y’see, when you’ve been with someone for a while, it’s normal that the mere thought of breaking it off makes you feel sick/scared/confused. And while that’s a really beautiful thing in itself, it can also be dangerous. Because becoming […]

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Healthy Relationship

15 Things Your Partner Will Never do if You’re in a Healthy Relationship

    Source: MamaMia Relationships can be TOUGH. And while things like cheating and trust issues are some very obvious red flags that things are not great, experts say there are also some smaller things that can give you an idea of just how healthy your relationship is. We’re talking about those small gestures that have a big […]

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