“They’re not fearful of a little risk for a greater reward and want you to have an experience-rich life too. For example, they may encourage you to travel for a year even if it means you’re not around for them. They see your growth as separate from their own lives.”

f) The friend ‘I do that with’

You know the one. This is the person who’s always down to hang out. You’re bored on a Sunday arvo with nothing to do? This is who you call.

“It’s great to have friends you have shared specific experiences with. This could be someone who loves exercising with you, walking dogs, going to the movies or comedy shows with. The friendship thrives as you both love and value the experience. It could be your shared thing is nightclubbing or festivals or playing cards or sharing your Wordle results with every day.”

“The friend ‘I do that with’ may also relate to the content and quality of the interaction. Some friendships thrive on having interesting philosophical/life discussions or talking complete s**t together. This type of friend could be the friend you have the greatest laughs with or have amazing ideas and feel creative with.”

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