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Transforming Couple Communication

Only $158 USD

Elevate your relationship dynamics with Lissy Abrahams' transformative online program.

Understand the complexities of communication, master the art of apology, and cultivate curiosity in your interactions.

Whether you're navigating conversational tension or just want to enhance your communication skills, this course has you covered.

Dive into six self-paced, evidence-based modules and tailor your learning with interactive workbook activities.

Begin your journey to stronger relationships today!

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Fight Less, Love More

8 Jam-Packed Modules Of Wisdom For  $947 USD

Home is not a haven when you are stuck in repeated cycles of conflict with a loved one. Couples conflict leads to greater distance between partners, increased fear, distress, and anxiety.

Fight Less, Love More is here to change this. This online program is designed to help couples understand the core drivers of their relationship difficulties and create healthier methods of communication.

This program will promote respect, improve connection, increase joy, reduce fights, and open the door for self-exploration. You can end the cycles of conflict and blame today.

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