Relationship Reset

Relationship Reset

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Why do we fight most with those we love best?

Australian relationship therapist Lissy Abrahams has spent years exploring this question, both in her treatment room helping clients and through extensive research.

She knows that long-term conflict leaves us drained, anxious and worried for the emotional wellbeing of our families, but says it is neither intractable nor inevitable. Conflict is caused by unconscious patterns of thinking and behaviour – unresolved feelings of fear, instability or pain – which can be consciously rewired for a healthier, happier relationship.

'A work of brilliance and empathy, this beautifully-written masterpiece offers much hope.' - Professor Brett Kahr

'A brilliant read for all who want to understand relationship challenges' - Dr Jodie Lowinger, author of The Mind Strength Method

'Drawing on her considerable wealth of experience, Lissy skilfully unlocks the mysteries of relationships and the many hidden ways in which they can unravel.' - Dr Jacqui Winship, clinical psychologist and co-author of The Talking Cure

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Several resources to help you navigate some challenges that many people face in relationships. Each ebook is based on different disruptions that may cause turmoil in a relationship from life transitions to relationship breakdowns.

5 Mistakes Couples

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What Makes a Couple Relationship a
Happy One?

There is a sense of safety that happy couples experience – knowing that they are truly cared about.

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