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Do you feel like you're often on a rollercoaster in yourself, your career, and even in your relationships? Is this impacting your mood, behavior, or confidence? Psychotherapist and relationship expert Lissy Abrahams sees this all the time in her consulting room, and has designed her online program Healthy Minds so you can have:

  • Enhanced Resilience
  • Better Decision-Making
  • Improved Mental Health
  • A Positive Mindset
  • Enhanced Relationship Skills



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The Consequences of Not Being Healthy Minded

Without the knowledge and strategies to be healthy minded, you'll feel like you're often on a rollercoaster in yourself, your career, and even in your relationships. You’ll likely have:


  • Reduced Self-Awareness & Decision Making Abilities - Lack of self-awareness about your repeated patterns of behavior and reactions can impair your decision making process, impacting many areas of your life.
  • Misguided Self-Perception & Identity - Over-identifying with your opinions, feelings, and beliefs with rigidity, often resisting growth and change, can harm you.
  • Impaired Relationships & Communication - Misinterpreting others’ intentions and behaviors can strain personal and professional relationships, leading to misunderstanding and even conflict.
  • Heightened Anxiety, Sadness & Stress - You’ll experience increased stress and emotional reactions, having a greater toll on your mental and physical health.

The Solution - 

Develop A Healthy Mind

Lissy Abrahams brings her vast experience in psychotherapy and relationship dynamics to provide deep insights, engaging content, and practical strategies to create healthier relationships and improve the quality of all participant’s lives - in a format that won't interfere with your other priorities.


  • Engaging Video Content - To demystify complex psychological concepts
  • Personalized Workbook - For facilitating self-reflection and personalizing the learning experience
  • Exclusive Bonus Materials - To enrich your learning journey
  • Self-paced Learning - To suit your busy life, wherever you may be
  • Lifetime Access - Revisit lessons as you need
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Brought to you by Lissy Abrahams

Lissy Abrahams is a leading psychotherapist and relationship expert who has helped thousands of people globally to transform their couple relationships.

She worked in London as a therapist, tutor and lecturer, then later in Australia founded the Heath Group Practice – a therapy clinic in Sydney.

Lissy is frequently interviewed by the media to share her psychological insights and expertise. She’s also on MamaMia's expert health panel.

Lissy has published academically and recently released her acclaimed book - Relationship Reset.




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We've ensured the anonymity of Lissy's clients intentionally

Lissy helped me understand that I was creating unhappy stories about my wife and me. I had no idea that I was ruining the overall quality of my marriage and even other relationships in my life.

Lissy's insights into everyday people and relationship dynamics are important for anyone working in a service industry. In particular, talking about and managing finances can be a difficult topic for many and should be navigated with empathy and understanding. With Lissy's guidance we are supporting our teams with tools to help customers have these conversations in a real and meaningful way.

As part of Mamamia's expert health panel, Lissy frequently offers her professional advice on navigating all aspects of relationships - from the mechanics of modern relationships to dating. While the world of relationships can often seem quite clouded and confusing, Lissy makes navigating obstacles and challenges accessible and relatable, giving readers evidence-based tools and techniques needed to create happier and more loving relationships.

Equipped With Everything You Need

Through this program you will discover the complexities of your internal narratives, learn simple skills steeped in science and psychological research to unlock your true potential for a healthy mind and enjoy rewarding relationships - through modules derived from Lissy Abrahams' expert approach.

Module 1 - Introduction 

This module reveals the power of the mind in shaping perceptions, relationships, and well-being. It elaborates on our mind’s link to self-talk, mental biases, and the importance of attending to one’s internal narrative. 

Module 2 - What is the ego?

This module explores the role and characteristics of the ego - the voice in our head - that runs constant commentary of opinions, thoughts, judgments, and inconsistent narratives, and how these often lead to self-doubt, fear, or hesitation. 

Module 3 - Unraveling Your Ego

Participants identify and increase awareness of their own internal monologue. They develop the ability to reframe then shift their own negative biases. 

Module 4 - What are Defense Mechanisms? 

This module introduces the concept of ego defense mechanisms - the mind’s avoidance strategies when faced with overwhelming or distressing realities, such as denial, projection, and regression. 

Module 5 - Identifying My Own Ego Defense Mechanisms

Participants identify their own ego defense mechanisms they use as a psychological shield in different scenarios, the goal being to bring these to awareness to increase resilience and have improved relationships with ourselves and others. 

Module 6 - Distress Tolerance

This module explores distress intolerance, revealing our inability to manage or endure uncomfortable emotions, leading to physical and emotional stress responses. Lissy Abrahams offers strategies to improve resilience internally. 

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Healthy Attachments

Understanding healthy attachments is essential for improving our emotional resilience, improved mental health, and happier relationships with ourselves and others.

Transforming People Pleasing Behaviors

Having a healthy mind involves recognizing and addressing behaviors, like people pleasing, that lead to the neglect of our own personal needs in favor of others'. This enables us to live more authentically and with healthy personal boundaries.

The Power of Gratitude

Having a healthy mind involves nurturing a positive mental state. Research reveals that practicing gratitude significantly improves mental health, increases optimism and even happiness, contributing to a healthier, more resilient mindset.

Healthy Minds -

Who's It For?

To have a truly healthy mind, it's essential we understand our own unique thought patterns and emotional responses. This is true for all of us.

This program is particularly beneficial for individuals: 

  • Seeking Personal Growth and Self-Understanding

  • Struggling with Stress and Anxiety

  • With Negative Self-Talk or Low Self-Esteem

  • Experiencing Relationship Difficulties

  • Working In High Pressure Environments

  • Wanting to Improve Mental Health

And for employers:

  • Seeking a positive workplace with collaborative teams

  • Wanting more resilient, responsible talent with better decision making abilities



Healthy Minds in the Workplace

Lissy Abrahams offers this program to employers and organizations wanting to enhance employee resilience, self-responsibility, respect and team cohesion.

Healthy Minds can be tailored and delivered to suit your organizational needs. Lissy offers:

  • Keynotes

  • One to one executive coaching package

  • Group packages including seminars (online or face to face)



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