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Many of us know that 33% of all marriages in Australia end in divorce. Less of us know that the average time from wedding day to divorce is 12.3 years. However, the statistic that I find surprising is that the average time from wedding day to separation is so short, only 8.7 years. Clearly, something critical is missing in how we conduct relationships, whether we are married or not.

Through my many years as a therapist, I have an understanding of what is missing. Whilst we start relationships with great intentions and hopes for what can be created together, we, unfortunately, don’t know what’s coming next and how to deal with it.

We don’t yet know how having children will alter our couple relationship. We don’t yet know that we may drift from our partner. We don’t yet know how stressful life is going to be. We don’t yet know how differently we will see things from the small to the large. We don’t yet understand why our partner’s words, actions or behaviour creates such strong reactions in us or ours in them. We don’t yet understand why we have upsetting cycles of conflict and blame. We also don’t yet know why many couples head towards separation and divorce.

Even though we hope our relationship will improve, it typically won’t. I know that with some time and focus we can prevent this deterioration and build a more secure relationship. If this is you, there is still a way to alter the trajectory of your relationship.

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Learn to Skilfully Communicate with
Your Partner & Decrease Conflict

Repeated cycles of conflict and blame always cause hurt and distress for both partners in a relationship. When this is prolonged and unresolved it may even result in a relationship ending. This course has been designed to ensure that your relationship can not only survive, but also thrive. It will help you to develop the skills needed to improve communication with your partner so that you both become happier and more connected.


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