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Online Course

Committed relationships are difficult. For many of us, our communication difficulties can lead to upsetting conflict.

This course has been created to make sure that your relationship can not only survive but thrive. 

Relationship Reset Book

Even small changes can help people reduce conflict and reconnect with their partners. 

Filled with insightful research, case studies and exercises, Relationship Reset will help you rewrite the stories underlying your emotional life, and build a secure and loving union. 


As a therapist, of both individuals and couples, I have dedicated my career to helping hundreds of clients navigate life’s obstacles and challenges.

As humans, we’d love for everyone else to change in order for us to feel safer, more trusting, and respected. But they won’t. Change happens when we change.

And for change, we need to have awkward conversations, first in our own minds, and then with others in our lives.

But…we need to know how.

If this is you, I get it! It feels so complicated. How do you know how to fix it if you don’t know what the real problem is right?

That’s where I can help. Will you be the next person I help move from mediocre to magnificent (or hell to happy)?

Lissy Abrahams

The Queen of Awkward

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