How to Deal with Family Crap at Christmas

Dec 21, 2023


As the holiday season approaches, we're all gearing up for festive cheer, cozy gatherings, and the inevitable family reunions. While the thought of spending time with loved ones brings joy to many, it's no secret that family dynamics can sometimes add a dash of complexity to the celebrations. In this podcast I discuss "How to Deal with Family Crap at Christmas" with Felicity Harley and help listeners navigate the twists and turns of family interactions during the holidays.



Podcast Highlights


  • Navigating Family Dynamics

    Dealing with the pressures of family relationships during Christmas, acknowledging the potential for awkward and hurtful encounters


  • Holiday Healing

    The healing power of nature and the significance of personal time are crucial elements for remaining mentally well, especially during the festive season


  • Reflecting on Family Histories

    Insights into how family dynamics, often rooted in childhood, resurface during the holidays impacting our emotions and how we react reactions as adults


  • Handling Triggers

    Self-awareness is vital as personal triggers from past experiences may emerge when with family, such as feeling dismissed as the youngest sibling


  • Dealing with Festive Tension

    Strategies for managing tension within personal partnerships, friendships, and extended family, including mindfulness and self-reflection


  • Keeping In-Laws Happy

    The challenges of keeping in-laws happy during the holidays with a focus on managing expectations and not succumbing to imagined criticisms


  • Tackling Awkward Conversations

    Tips for handling awkward family conversations, particularly those revolving around polarizing topics like politics


  • Building Positive Relationships:

    The importance of being curious, having enlightening conversations, and appreciating the diverse stories within the family, regardless of generational gap as keys to enjoying the holiday season.

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